Aging is universal. We are all on the same path together.  We can give in or we can age gracefully with abundant health, physical vigor and a bright outlook for life.  As we age we find new obstacles to overcome and new challenges to face. With this blog I peruse the internet for health, safety and beauty issues and information with regard to aging.  While doing so I will try my best to filter out the questionable information by concentrating on reputable sites.

Aging happy is sometimes hard to accomplish but there are lots of things we can do to help keep our spirits high.  Starting a home based business or a new hobby, taking a class or traveling are all fun and adventurous ways to stay interested and keep our mind and body busy. Along with happy aging tips I will add some beauty information as all of us face age related beauty challenges. I will seek out techniques, tips and products to see what information is most relevant to us “baby boomers”.  My hope is that you find information and tips in my blog that are useful and interesting to you.

Join me on this wonderful journey.

Linda and Molly…(Molly is the fluffy one)

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