That Ever-Elusive Thing We Call Happiness

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That ever-elusive thing we call Happiness

We all strive to live happy. Happiness is a concept that we can and should cultivate in our every day lives. We sometimes think if we just had more money, a better car, that person we see once in awhile in the grocery store who is ever so handsome, or fancycarbeautiful we would be happy. There are a million things we don’t have but we think if we did we would be happier. The thing is, another person, a thing or place can give us feelings of happiness for a while but the ultimate goal is to find happiness within our selves. Being happy within our selves’ is not a fleeting feeling. It lasts. When we find happiness in the person we are a miracle happens. It is no longer greener on the other side of the fence because we are ON the greener side of the fence!

AllYouNeedIsLoveIn the 60’s John Lennon told us “all you need is love”. I think Mr. Lennon had in mind love in all its meanings not just romantic love but love of nature and home, of family and friends and self. Love is a many sided word with many meanings. Love of self may be the most difficult to acknowledge yet it is the most important love of all.  

I receive a magazine several times a year called LIVE HAPPY.   Nerium International puts it out and it’s a wonderful source of fun articles and suggestions in the art of happiness. You can find it on the magazine rack of most stores or get it free when you become a customer or a brand partner in Nerium International.

Recently I read a book by Dr. P.M. Forni called CHOOSING CIVILITY  . It’s a wonderful book all about the act of being civil in our relationships with others. Not just our closeChoosing Civility relationships but with mankind in general. Here is a list of some of his civility rules:

Pay Attention
Acknowledge others
Think the best
Be inclusive
Speak kindly
Accept and give praise
Respect others opinions
Be agreeable
Respect others time and space
Mind your body
Respect even a subtle “no”
Don’t speak ill
Respect silence

We need to apply these same principals to ourselves.
How about rephrasing his list with:

Pay attention to yourself
Acknowledge yourself
Think the best of yourself
Listen to yourself
Speak kindly of yourself
Accept and give praise to yourself
Respect your opinions
Be agreeable to yourself
Respect your time and space
Mind your body
Don’t speak ill of yourself
Respect silence in yourself

If we follow these rules of civility towards others as well as towards ourselves we are at peace with the world, which gives us the happiness we seek. Of course we can’t always be civil and we can’t always be happy but we can give it a good try.

The best to you,

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