Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?

Successfully Look Younger by Retaining the Beauty of Healthy Skin

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Beauty is skin deep as the saying goes so let’s keep our skin in the best possible condition.

In the Northern states the winter months are especially hard on our skin. woman in snowWhen outdoors the dry winter air sucks the moisture out of our skin and the inside air is even worse as the furnace or fireplace heat keeps the house air very dry.

The Southern part of our country doesn’t have it much better. The sun, wind woman in tropicsand heat do just about the same to our skin as the cold and wind.


Over the years I have tried just about every skin care cream I could afford (anything over a couple hundred is out of my range) but, nothing really does the job that they so proudly announce…until about a year and a half ago.

A friend who lives in Hawaii told me about a night cream that she had started using that she absolutely loves.  Hawaii is hard on the skin year around as those who live there spend a good share of their lives outdoors.  Hot sun and warm wind are the culprits (sounds wonderful, doesn’t it).  

She recommended I look into a company called Nerium International.  They had developed a skin care product called Nerium AD Night Cream.  At this point I think I might attach a couple photos of me – one before I started using Nerium AD night cream and one of a much less wrinkly me after about 6 months of using the cream every night.

Take a look at the difference.  I am without make up so putting my no make up photos on the internet is very brave of me (big pat on the back…) but I wanted you to know that I’m not steering you wrong here.

About six months ago the company came out with a Nerium AD Day Cream. I swooped on the day cream as I wanted to give my skin a light day moisturizer that continued the work of the more intense night cream. Using just the night cream gave great results but using both the night cream and the day cream really gave my skin the extra help it needed.

The routine is so simple even a guy would follow it.  All you have to do is wash your face before going to bed and apply the night cream to your damp skin.  Follow the same procedure in the morning before applying the day cream.

The company recently came out with a Nerium Firm.  I have started using the Nerium Firm on my neck and arms and I have noticed that both are firming nicely.

Yes, beauty is only skin deep but, our skin is what we show the world on a daily basis so we need to take care of it.  I sure plan on doing just that and these affordable new products, Nerium AD Night Cream, Nerium AD Day Cream and the new Nerium Firm are just the products to help us achieve the results we want.

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