Age Happily With a Puppy

 Hi All…

Linda2This is Linda!

Well, I said I would never do Mollyit but I went and did it. I got a puppy. She is really cute which was my downfall.  You have seen them… the ones that are tiny with that sort of Ewok face, big eyes, little black nose, pink tongue and furry.

When I was young, say around 11 or 12, my family got a dog.  He was cute too but he was a he and I guess in those days people didn’t neuter their pets like they do now. He was a pure bred Beagle so being a hound he was very active…in every way.   If your leg happened to be in front of him he would think it was a female dog in heat so…well, you know.   Being a young girl I was completely grossed out by that behavior so vowed to never ever have a dog!

Unfortunately his behavior jaded me towards all dogs throughout my entire life.   I never understood how anyone would want a dog. I never wanted anything bad to happen to the creatures, as I never want anything bad to happen to any of God’s creatures but to own one… no.  

Well, I have changed my mind as is, (as they say) the prerogative of a women, I now own a little tan and white bouncing bundle of fur  who has just learned to not pee on the carpet. We are still working on the poop program but progress is being made.

Also, I might mention this particular bundle of bouncing fur is a female who, not being male, is not looking at anyone’s leg with lust or peeing to announce ownership on every wall, tree, bush or… leg.   Also, she is a mix of Maltese, ShihTzu and Poodle so she won’t shed although she will need hair cuts.

I can live with haircuts every month or so.   So, that is my today’s story.   Tomorrow I will turn to senior health…Oh, it just so happens to be scientifically proven that owning an animal (I don’t suppose that means a tiger or snake unless your into those kinds of critters) is good for your health. A pet provides a source of responsibility, comfort, entertainment and love…unconditional love, which is nice. I’m sure all the dog and cat owners out there are saying “I knew that!”.

Oops, gotta go… scoopidydoo as I mentioned, she is still in the training stage.

The best to you,


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